Unforgettable evening at the Oxil

We recently had the pleasure of giving a concert at Oxil Zofingen. It was a highly anticipated performance, as it marked the debut of Marina as the band’s new frontwoman. The energy in the air was palpable as we and the fans eagerly awaited the start of the show.

As the opening act for «Bo Steady», The Decaders had big shoes to fill, but they delivered an unforgettable performance that had the entire crowd on their feet. The band’s unique blend of rock and blues had fans swaying and singing along to every word.

Marina’s vocals were nothing short of amazing, and she quickly won over the crowd with her powerful voice and commanding stage presence. Her chemistry with the rest of the band was undeniable, and they played off each other’s energy seamlessly.

The concert was a resounding success, with fans raving about the performance long after it was over.

Overall, it was a truly memorable evening at Oxil, and one that will surely go down in the books as one of the best performances our band ever given. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Decaders and their incredibly talented new frontwoman.

Many thanks to the Oxil and Reto Eich for this unforgettable evening for us.

Welcome Marina

Since the summer of ’22, Janick is unfortunately missing as the lead singer in the band. He will have to follow other commitments and has therefore said goodbye to us with a heavy heart. We didn’t want to let him go, but we have to accept this decision willy-nilly. It was a great and exciting time with you and the doors are always open for you, for vocals or percussion or both. Please come back!!! =)

So we have been working on a new solution and have already had the best replacement in our ranks as a background singer. Marina will take over the role of lead vocals. After intensive rehearsals and also the decision that the band members take over the background vocals, we decided to make recordings of a rehearsal session, so as not to commit label fraud. The following is the result of these rehearsals.

So, welcome to our rehersalroom in the beautiful Zofingen and enjoy the music as we did.

Live At Jurassic Street Garden

On a rainy day in the month of August 21, music crazies united to defy the odds, dragging speakers and cables across the wet lawn, stoking a fire and preparing to celebrate an unforgettable moment. In this too cold night, songs from different decades warmed hearts and minds, inviting to dance, reflect, sing along and ponder. So that posterity can still feel a spark of this evening, a recording was made in secret. Listen, enjoy, linger!