Welcome Marina

Since the summer of ’22, Janick is unfortunately missing as the lead singer in the band. He will have to follow other commitments and has therefore said goodbye to us with a heavy heart. We didn’t want to let him go, but we have to accept this decision willy-nilly. It was a great and exciting time with you and the doors are always open for you, for vocals or percussion or both. Please come back!!! =)

So we have been working on a new solution and have already had the best replacement in our ranks as a background singer. Marina will take over the role of lead vocals. After intensive rehearsals and also the decision that the band members take over the background vocals, we decided to make recordings of a rehearsal session, so as not to commit label fraud. The following is the result of these rehearsals.

So, welcome to our rehersalroom in the beautiful Zofingen and enjoy the music as we did.

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